Triangle Family Services

“Building a stronger community by strengthening the family”

Since 1937 Triangle Family Services (TFS) has served as the place to turn for innovative solutions for families facing a crisis. TFS accomplishes its mission of “Building a Stronger Community by Strengthening the Family” through its three core program areas: Family Safety, Financial Stability, and Mental Health. TFS has been a part of the Triangle community of North Carolina for 80+ years providing data-driven effective programs directly serving thousands of our most vulnerable neighbors.

Networking women – engaged for a purpose- that is the essence of our partnership with the Wackies. Triangle Family Services has a special bond and have been fortunate to be included in many of the activities- from special events; socials; networking events and friendships. Wackies are always ready to help when you ask and frankly are just FUN to be around. They “party and socialize with purpose in mind”- honored to call them friends.

Alice Lutz

Chief Executive Officer, Triangle Family Services

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Courtesy of Suzy Toronto
Suzy Toronto, Artist
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